“Wello” presented a future vision of mobility at CES 2020 last week with a solar-powered cross between a bike and an electric car. the réunion-based startup presented its compact tricycle designed specifically for people in urban areas, to help alleviate congestion on the roads by offering an alternative to cars.

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images courtesy of wello

ideal for short deliveries and travel for commuters, the family car-bike hybrid is equipped with three wheels and an electric battery providing a range of up to 100 km (62 miles) per day. it uses a pair of conventional pedals, just like a standard bike, but has a built-in rechargeable battery and solar panels on the roof too.

‘in the era of the smart city, sustainable mobility is one of the major challenges facing the contemporary city,’ Wello says. ‘imagine being able to move around in an urban environment, combining speed, security, comfort, carrying capacity and respect for the environment.’

the tricycle can accommodate one adult in the front and another adult, or two children, in the back. it can also be used for storage, transforming the vehicle into a cargo bike that can carry up to 800 liters or 80 kg (176 lb). it stands 7.4 feet in length and only 2.7 feet in width, making it slim enough for bike lanes as well as compact parking spots.

Project info
Company: Wello
Type: tricycle


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