Here’s where to buy Boll & Branch’s ethical cotton bedding.

[Photo: courtesy of Boll & Branch]

The husband-and-wife team of Scott and Missy Tannen founded the linen startup Boll & Branch five years ago after they discovered the dark underbelly of crisp, white sheets. Most products derived from the global cotton industry come from farms in developing countries where workers and locals are exposed to the toxic chemicals in pesticides. This troubled the Tannens enough to spur their discovery of an organic cotton in Hyderabad, India, called Chetna Organic, which employs local workers to grow pesticide-free cotton and builds educational outlets for employees’ children. And that’s how Boll & Branch came to be.

[Photo: courtesy of Boll & Branch]

In the years since, the brand has become famous as a maker of sustainable, eco-friendly bedding and linens (every B&B product is Fair Trade Certified) that are also some of the most luxurious and high-quality on the market. Seriously, their sheets are soft.
But don’t take our word for it. You can now try before you buy, thanks to a new partnership with Nordstrom. Beginning today, the department chain’s full-line stores carry Boll & Branch products in the retailer’s Sustainable Style category. “I think [the partnership] speaks to a shift in what’s important to consumers. It proves that when given the option, consumers are likely to choose a brand that they believe in versus simply the lowest-cost option,” says Scott Tannen, who serves as the Boll & Branch CEO. “Brands that value sustainability and ethics are also the brands that tend to care more about the end product they give to customers. So, truly, all boats rise.”

[Photo: courtesy of Boll & Branch]

Tannen sees the Boll & Branch arrival in Nordstrom as not only a milestone for his brand. It’s a vital step for making sustainable goods an easier (and more attractive) choice for shoppers. “The truth is, the vast majority of Americans haven’t spent time to think about where the products they welcome into their homes come from and what it took to get them there,” he says. “By introducing Boll & Branch in their stores and helping to tell the story of a better way to source cotton, make products, and treat people, Nordstrom is truly leading the industry and will change the world.”

Also, did we mention how soft these sheets are?

The Boll & Branch products available in Nordstrom include sheet and bed sets in three of B&B’s sustainable fabrics—the cloud-like Signature Fabric that drapes perfectly and feels soft-yet-still-textured against skin, the winter-ready Flannel that’s cozier than any shirt you’ve ever owned, and the luxury-hotel-quality Percale material that makes your bed look tidy and structured. Nordstrom also carries B&B’s throw blankets (the Chunky Knit and Adirondack are faves), down-alternative pillows, and duvet inserts (that are all made of Fair Trade materials). Prices range from a cool $45 (for pillowcase sets) to $450 (for a King/California King-sized duvet insert).


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